At Bauges Parapente, our students learn to fly with:

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Multiple training sites

The Bauges mountain range is a preserved and authentic area, easily accessible yet away from the crowds. It is a perfect place to learn and progress in paragliding.

Our school, located in Lescheraines, has multiple launch and landing sites nearby, either accessible by shuttle, 4X4 or on foot.

Over the course of each training session, we travel to many of these sites to make the best of the weather conditions, which will help you to develop rigorous decision making skills and flexibility as a pilot.

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Lightweight gear

We are committed to offering you the best compromise between lightness and performance. You will benefit from:

-Brand new paragliding wings, designed with lightweight materials

-Light and compact reversible harnesses, as comfortable in flight as when carried on your back

-Square-shaped and lightweight emergency reserve parachutes

-Personalized advice to help you choose the best equipment for you when you are ready to invest into having your own gear

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Hike & Fly

Hike and fly (hiking up before taking off) is our favorite approach to paragliding at Bauges Parapente; it is the best way to explore our mountain range.

If you are curious about this practice, we will be happy to add some elements specific to hike & fly into our teaching and perhaps even plan and experience a first hike & fly experience over the course of your training.

Our small, flexible and proactive team of certified instructors allows us to adapt our instruction according to your desires and objectives.

This is the introductory course for anyone who wants to experience their first radio-guided flight.

Starting from 560 €


Add-in more flights, gain confidence and slowly pull back from your instructor’s input to start making your own in-flight decisions.

Starting from 560 €


A set of 10 or 20 flights on an “à la carte” flight card, the perfect solution to progress at your own pace with the schedule that works for you.

Starting from 500 €


2024 Training sessions

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