Soar over the wild and authentic landscapes of the Bauges mountain range during a paragliding tandem flight.

Easy Access from Annecy, Chambéry/Aix-les-Bains and Albertville, but away from the crowds

Several launch sites are available for paragliding tandem flights within the Bauges mountain range. Two are easily accessible by road: the Semnoz, and a brand new launch at the Margériaz. Many more are only reachable by foot, making them perfect destinations for hike-and-fly adventures.

We select the launch site based on the weather forecast in order to have the best flying conditions on the day of your tandem flight. 

We will provide you with an approximate location a few days before your flight, but the final decision and the instructions to meet us there will be sent the night before. Thank you for your understanding!

Discover our other flying locations around Chambéry and Aix-les-Bains.

Choose your paragliding tandem flight adventure over the Bauges mountains !

Here are the different tandem flight options that we offer within the Bauges mountain range. Whether you’re looking for scenic views, adventure or thrills, our instructors will make sure you enjoy your flight to its fullest!

vol découverte parapente parc naturel des bauges

DISCOVERY paragliding tandem flight over the Bauges

Experience the ideal flight for those seeking a gentle introduction to paragliding! Securely nestled in your harness and attached to your paragliding instructor, you will glide peacefully above the alpine meadows and lush forests of the Bauges mountains in the calm morning air. It’s a chance to observe this stunning mountain range from a bird’s-eye perspective!

  • Price: 90 euros
  • Duration: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Weight: Maximum 85 kg


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Introducing our tandem flight designed for the little ones! Give your child the chance to explore the world from a fresh perspective and expand their horizons! We will take advantage of the serene and tranquil morning conditions for a 10-15 minute glide through the skies. With the guidance of their instructor, they can even take control and try steering the paraglider if they wish!

  • Price: 80 euros
  • Duration: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Age: 5 to 11 years old

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vol majestic parapente massif des bauges

THERMAL paragliding tandem flight over the Bauges

Embark on our most popular flight! Your instructor will skillfully navigate the paraglider towards the afternoon‘s ascending currents of air (known as thermals or updrafts), enabling you to soar above the launch site and continue flying for 25 to 30 minutes. Enjoy an expansive view over the Bauges and the surrounding peaks!

  • Price: 120 euros
  • Duration: 25 to 30 minutes
  • Weight: Maximum 100 kg

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biplace parapente tandem massif des bauges

Experience an extended aerial adventure with our Prestige tandem flight. This 35 to 40-minute excursion, weather permitting, takes you further from the launch site. You will get expansive views of the Bauges and the magnificent Alps on the distant horizon.

  • Price: 150 euros
  • Duration: 35 to 40 minutes
  • Weight: Maximum 100 kg

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PRESTIGE paragliding tandem flight over the Bauges

We also offer unique aerial adventures in the Bauges:

saut en tandem biplace massif des bauges

Set off on an extraordinary journey! Immerse yourself in the role of a long-distance pilot and embark on a minimum 1.5-hour adventure through the Bauges mountain range. Along with your instructor, leap from summit to summit across the Bauges, letting the wind carry you as you enjoy the stunning landscapes below.

  • Price: 300 euros
  • Photos and videos included
  • Duration: Minimum 1.5 hours
  • Weight: Maximum 100 kg

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MAJESTIC paragliding tandem flight over the Bauges mountains

baptême parapente savoie massif des bauges

This paragliding experience is ideal for mountain enthusiasts! It merges the joy of hiking to reach a summit on foot with a spectacular aerial glide for a seamless descent through the air.

  • Price: 300 euros
  • Photos and videos included
  • Duration: Entire morning
  • Weight: Maximum 100 kg

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Hike-and-fly tandem flight in the Bauges mountain range

Steering and aerobatics taster included !

Get ready for an adventure-packed experience! Our flights not only offer breathtaking views over the Bauges but can also include steering initiation and thrilling acrobatics, all at no extra cost!

During your flight, if you would like to and conditions permit, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Try your hand at steering: Your instructor will guide you through safely taking over the controls, allowing you to make your first turns in the sky.
  • Seek thrills: Experience heart-pounding aerial acrobatics like Wing Overs, spirals and more, tailored for adrenaline enthusiasts.

These exhilarating options are available at the end of your flight. Just let us know your preferences, and we’ll ensure your experience matches your desired level of excitement or comfort!

Create unforgettable memories with a paragliding tandem flight in the Bauges !

Surprise your loved ones with a unique and thrilling experience! Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, bachelor or bachelorette party, a paragliding tandem flight makes an original and unforgettable gift filled with emotions and cherished memories.

Purchasing a gift certificate is easy! Simply provide the requested information, complete the payment online, and choose to print the certificate or opt for the digital version. The recipient will then have one year to contact us and embark on their airborne adventure.

Purchase a tandem flight gift certificate today and give your loved ones the gift of soaring through the skies!


saut parapente semnoz


Located just 10 km from Annecy and 20 km from Aix-les-Bains, the Semnoz is our favorite launch site. It is the most easily accessible ski resort for families living in Annecy. Its 360° panorama of Mont Blanc, the Bauges mountains and the Albanais plain make it a prime location for a paragliding tandem flight in Haute-Savoie.

You will launch from the west side of the Semnoz, giving you a breathtaking view of the Chéran plain during your flight.  It’s the perfect place for calm morning flights as you will glide down nearly 1000 meters. It’s also an exceptional site to admire the beautiful colors just before sunset.

saut parapente biplace parc du massif des bauges
bapteme parapente biplace bauges
Saut biplace parapente massif des Bauges Savoie
bapteme parapente Semnoz massif des bauges

How to reach the Semnoz launch site?

The large car park at the top of the resort, which is not crowded in the summer, allows us to meet at the top of the mountain. You will find the itinerary by clicking “Meet us at launch” under the map below. Take the trail that starts at the very end of the car park; it will lead you to the launch site within a few minutes. If necessary, we will take you back to the top of the mountain with our shuttle after the flight.

Important : Please park your car in the resort’s car park (near the toboggan run) since the last parking lot at the end is reserved for the restaurant’s customers.

You can also get to the Semnoz launch by bus. Take the S4 from Annecy, S5 from the west bank of the Annecy lake (Sévrier) or S6 from the Alby-sur-Chéran area. These buses are free from July 1st to August 31st, or 1.50€ on weekends and public holidays in June and September. See the schedules here.

What to do before or after a paragliding tandem flight at the Semnoz?

Before or after your flight, we suggest taking the time to hike to the summit of the Semnoz. Several marked itineraries allow you to explore the mountain top while admiring the 360-degree view around you. This is a great opportunity to visit the alpine pastures at the summit, as well as the alpine garden.

A zoo, summer toboggans, a tree climbing course, and activities such as all-terrain scooters and mini-karts are also available at the Semnoz. You will find all the information on the Semnoz resort website.

The “Grotte des Fées” launch at the Margériaz

In the heart of the Bauges mountains, above the small village of Aillon-le-Jeune, discover this brand new paragliding launch site. Facing east on the Margériaz mountain, it is an ideal place for morning flights.

You will have a breathtaking view of the Colombier, this mountain at the center of the Bauges that has such an impressive silhouette ! The equally magnificent Dent d’Arclusaz will be in the background, as the authentic villages and pastures of the Bauges will be passing just beneath your feet.

saut parapente massif des bauges
bapteme parapente massif des Bauges
tandem parapente biplace massif des bauges
biplace parapente vol rando massif des bauges

Where to meet us at the Margériaz ?

Meet us at the Aillon-le-Jeune landing site, in the car park next to the cheese shop.

What to do before or after a paragliding tandem flight at the Margériaz ?

The Bauges mountain range is so rich in beautiful landscapes and activities! We suggest exploring this area as long as possible !

Several activities are possible near the Aillons-Margériaz resort and can be combined with your tandem flight for a full day of entertainment. Hiking, tree climbing, zip lines, climbing, via ferrata, swimming pool, and many more; see the  Aillons-Margériaz Resort website for all the info.

The mountain range has loads of walks and hikes ! There’s something for everyone ; take a look at the Rando Bauges website to find the trail that suits you best !

If you’d like to discover the Bauges through cultural visits or other activities, contact the Bauges geopartners or visit the Chambéry Tourist Office website.

For canyoning, we strongly recommend contacting our neighbors at Bauges Canyoning !

More Information about flying in the Bauges...

Hike & Fly in the Bauges mountains

The Bauges mountain range is an ideal place for hike & fly as most launch sites are only accessible by foot.

This means we hike to a summit, take-off from there, and fly back down to the valley. This is possible from the Trélod, the Colombier, the Croix d’Allant, the Mont de la Coche and the Mont Pelat, among others.

Such an experience is possible as part of a hike & fly tandem flight.

The Bauges mountains: A key role in cross-country paragliding

The Bauges mountain range is a popular route amongst cross-country pilots. With its prominent ridges aligned north to south, it makes it easy to connect the Chartreuse mountains to the Aravis mountains in flight when thermal conditions are generous. Flights of several hundred kilometers are possible in spring and summer.

However, pilots must know and respect the air space of the Bauges National Hunting and Wildlife Reserve during these flights. The map of areas where launching and flying is permitted within 300 m of the ground can be found  here; otherwise, any flight within the area indicated in brown must be at least 300 m above the ground.