The only paragliding school in the heart of the Bauges mountain range

Located in Lescheraines, our school is located at the center of the Bauges mountain range. We have multiple training slopes and launch sites nearby (Semnoz, Revard, Sapenay, Montlambert/Chamoux, etc.), which allows us to use different sites and make the most of the flying conditions each day.

Our school is located in the La Madeleine industrial zone ; directly in front of the Croc’Bauges grocery store, and a few minutes’ walk from all the shops and amenities of Lescheraines.

We have a variety of lodging options and campsites nearby; give us a call by phone or Whatpsapp, and we will be able to recommend a few places based on your accommodation needs and preferences.

At the school, you will find:

  • Ample parking space
  • A comfortable and well-equipped room for class theory
  • A kitchen area if you need to prepare anything for your picnic
  • Restrooms
  • An outdoor picnic area

How to get there?

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By car, we are a 35-minute drive from Aix-les-Bains, 45 minutes from Chambéry, 40 minutes from Annecy, and 1 hour from Albertville.

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By public transport, you will need to reach the train station of one of the cities mentionned just above, then take a bus/rideshare:

  • From Annecy, take bus 41 run by Sibra(see schedule here)
  • From Chambéry or elsewhere in the Bauges mountain range, use ridesharing with Synchro Covoiturage (see info here).
  • From Chambéry or Aix-les-Bains, take line S06 run by Transports Interurbains de la Savoie (see schedule here)
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For those who prefer the train/bike combo, the best option is to take the train to Annecy and climb up the Col de Leschaux, which will give you a beautiful descent all the way to Lescheraines (24 km, 443 m positive elevation gain with an average slope of 4%; allow about 1h30).

Or, if you want to skip the climb (and have good brakes!), you can take your bike along with you on the S4 bus from Annecy that goes all the way up to the summit of the Semnoz (cost is 5 euros for your bike). Once at the top, follow the road that goes down on the east side towards Leschaux, and then towards Lescheraines (19 km, 1079 m negative elevation gain; allow 45 minutes from the summit).