Soar over Bourget Lake, the largest natural lake in France, during a paragliding tandem flight around Aix-les-Bains.

The different launch sites around Aix-les-Bains:

We are privileged to have several launch sites around Aix-les-Bains where we can fly from for your paragliding tandem flight.

Whether it’s from the Col du Sapenay or the Revard Lookout, you will enjoy exceptional views of Lake Bourget and its surroundings during your paragliding adventure in Aix-les-Bains!

We select the launch site based on the weather in order for you to enjoy the best flying conditions on the day of your paragliding flight!

We will provide you with an approximate location a few days before your flight, but the final decision and instructions to meet us there will be sent the night before. Thanks for your understanding!

Discover our other flying locations around Chambéry and the Bauges mountain range.

Which paragliding tandem flight should you choose to fly over Bourget Lake in Savoie ?

Several options are available. From kids to adults, for those looking for a scenic experience or an adrenaline rush, there is a tandem flight for everyone!

paragliding tandem aix les bains

Discovery tandem flight in Aix-les-Bains

This is the tandem flight for those who want a gentle introduction to paragliding. After a few instructions given by your pilot, you will take advantage of the calm morning air to glide over the landscapes of Aix-les-Bains and its surroundings. This is the ideal flight for a first paragliding experience and for those who may be a little hesitant about flying.

  • Price: 90 euros
  • Duration: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Weight: Maximum 85 kg

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Our paragliding flight for the little ones! Give your child a taste of what it feels like to fly like a bird. In the morning’s calm conditions, we will go for a 10-15 minutes aerial glide, during which they will be able to steer the paraglider! They will join you at the landing with stars in their eyes!

  • Price: 80 euros
  • Duration: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Age: from 5 to 11 years old

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Paragliding Aix les Bains

Thermal tandem flight in Aix-les-Bains

Our best-seller! A 25 to 30 minutes flight during which your paragliding instructor will show you everything there is to know about paragliding. We will use updrafts, or thermals, to extend our time in the sky. Thanks to the generous flying conditions in the afternoon, we can gain altitude and admire the magnificent landscapes of the Bourget Lake and Aix-les-Bains from even higher.

  • Price: 120 euros
  • Duration: 25 to 30 minutes
  • Weight: Maximum 100 kg

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Paragliding tandem jump aix les bains

Our Prestige paragliding flight is for those who want to fly even longer! This allows us, if the conditions allow, to gain even more altitude. You could enjoy a panoramic view of the Mont Blanc and the Alps’ iconic summits!

  • Price: 150 euros
  • Duration: 35 to 40 minutes
  • Weight: Maximum 100 kg


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Prestige tandem flight in Aix-les-Bains

Steering and aerobatics taster included!

As long as the air conditions allow it, we offer to all our passengers, at no extra cost:

  • An introduction to steering where your pilot will give you the commands and guide you towards making your first turns in the sky!
  • Some aerobatics maneuvers like wing overs, spirals and more that will delight those looking for an adrenaline rush!


Your pilot will suggest these options at the end of the flight; let him know if that’s something that you want to try! Rest assured, it is totally optional, only if you are up for it!

Paragliding in Aix-les-Bains, a great gift idea!

Allow your loved ones to live an unforgettable moment during a paragliding tandem flight around Aix-les-Bains! It’s the perfect gift for a birthday, a wedding, a bachelor/bachelorette party and all special occasions. It’s an original gift that will mark the event with even more emotion, making this a lasting memory!

To purchase a gift voucher, just fill in the requested information, pay online and print the gift voucher to give it to your loved one (or send the digital version by email). The recipient will have one year to contact us in order to select a time and date for their tandem flight.

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saut parapente semnoz

Col du Sapenay

North of Bourget Lake, just 15 km from Aix-les-Bains, we will meet at the Chindrieux landing before driving you in our shuttle to the Sapenay Pass. After walking just a few minutes, we will reach a beautiful lookout perched above Bourget Lake at an altitude of 890m. This is the launch site for paragliders and hang gliders where we will take off from.

This launch site is one of the oldest paragliding sites in France and it offers exceptional air conditions thanks to the presence of Bourget Lake.

Get ready to fly over the Rhône valley as well as the majestic cliffs overlooking Bourget Lake. As we leave the launch and glide into the sky, your eyes will be dazzled by the turquoise color of Lake Bourget on your left, the largest natural lake in France. It is this color that has earned Aix-les-Bains the nickname of the Riviera of the Alps. The lake stretches all the way to Chambéry for 18 km and is bordered by the iconic Dent du Chat on its west bank. On you right, you will have exceptional views of the Chautagne region, with the Grand Colombier and the Bugey area, and further away, the Jura. In clear weather, we can often see the mountains near Lyon. And if we can get a little altitude, Mont Blanc can be seen in the distance between the peaks of the Bauges and the Aravis ranges.

Your paragliding tandem flight from the Sapenay Pass will give you nothing less than a remarkable panorama over the landscapes of Savoie!

paragliding aix les Bains tandem flight
paragliding tandem flight over aix les bains lake
paragliding jump aix les bains
paragliding tandem aix les bains

Where to meet us for your paragliding tandem flight at the Col du Sapenay ?

Please join us by car, bicycle, or on foot at the Chindrieux landing site. You will find the itinerary by clicking “Meet us at the landing” under the map below.

What to do after your paragliding tandem flight at the Col du Sapenay near Aix-les-Bains?

After your tandem flight, take some time to enjoy the beach of Châtillon and its marina on the shore of Bourget Lake. Don’t miss a visit to Chanaz, “the little Venice of Savoie”, with its canals and its 19th-century water mill. There, you can take a canoe trip on the Savières canal, which extends over 4 km, between Lake Bourget and the Rhône.

You will find more information on the city of Chanaz’s website.

For the active ones, a good idea is to meet us at the Chindrieux landing site for you tandem flight by bike. From Aix-les-Bains, it’s a beautiful ride along the shores of Bourget Lake! More information here.

Belvédère du Revard

The Revard Lookout is a historic landmark as it was the very first ski resort in France! Located on the heights of Aix-les-Bains and only 15 km from the city, it offers a breathtaking panorama of Bourget Lake.

During your paragliding tandem flight, we will fly south over the cliffs leading to the Sire launch and the Croix du Nivolet. You will admire the city of Aix-les-Bains and the turquoise color of Bourget Lake, with the iconic Dent du Chat in the background. Further south, you will see the landscapes of the Granier, the Chartreuse, and the Belledonne mountains. If we can gain a little altitude, you will see the Bauges, including the majestic silhouette of the Colombier and the cliffs of the Margériaz. If air conditions allow us to go even higher, Mont Blanc may appear on the horizon.

After this tandem flight over Bourget Lake and the city of Aix-les-Bains, you will have a brand new perspective over the landscapes of the region!

paragliding aix les Bains savoie
tandem flight paragliding aix les bains
paragliding tandem aix les bains
paragliding tandem flight over Aix les bains

The different landings:

From the Revard launch, we have the choice between two different landings:

The Topet-AIXAM landing:  It is located in Mouxy, at an altitude of 430 meters, which allows us to glide down 1000 meters! We use this landing mainly in winter or in the morning when thermal updrafts are not yet present, which allows us for a long flight despite calm air conditions.

It is also an ideal place for our students who are learning to fly on their own. With its 400 meters length and very few obstacles, it is the perfect place to practice ground handling.

The Trévignin landing : At an altitude of 750 meters, this is our favorite landing site for tandem flights from the Revard in the afternoon. It is equipped with a large free car park, which makes it a great location for us to meet before your flight.

Although it is quite technical for beginners due to the changing breezes and its slight slope, it is the ideal starting point for hikers who want to get to the Revard launch by foot.

Where to meet us for your paragliding tandem flight at the Revard?

Please join us by car, bus, bicycle, or on foot at the Trévignin landing site. You will find the itinerary by clicking “Meet us at the landing” under the map below.

What to do after your tandem flight from the Belvédère du Revard in Aix-les-Bains?

After paragliding, you can experience many activities offered by the Savoie Grand Revard resort, which covers the Revard and Féclaz areas.

On the menu:

  • Luge tubing
  • Mountain biking or E-board rides (all-terrain electric skateboard)
  • Tree climbing park
  • Bike boarding (scooter pulled by dogs)
  • Many hikes start directly from the launch, many of them offering a breathtaking view of Aix-les-Bains.

For more information, please see the Savoie grand Revard website.

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When is the best time to go paragliding over Bourget Lake?

All year round!

Paragliding is an activity that can be done all year round, each season bringing its unique landscapes and flying conditions:

In winter, the mountains around Bourget Lake are often covered in snow. Between moments of snow, rain or wind, anticyclones often bring periods of calm weather with clear blue sky. This allows us to take off on skis when the launch site is covered in snow, which is always an exhilarating sensation! As the thermal updrafts aren’t present yet, the flight is usually a long top-to-bottom glide, ideal for a discovery flight.

In spring, the sun rises on the horizon and heats the ground, creating the strong temperature contrasts needed for thermal updrafts. This is the season of long distance flights for cross-country enthusiasts. Forests turn to green and landscapes display the beauty of nature’s renewal. This is the ideal time to try our Majestic flight !

In summer, the sun is at its peak and the air conditions normalize. Thermal updrafts become more even and allow us to make long flights in a more predictable way. We can fly all day long, as long as thunderstorms don’t appear in the evening. This is the ideal time for Thermal and Prestige flights!

In autumn, sunshine decreases and air conditions become calmer. However, with climate change, beautiful weather often lingers all the way to October, making long flights possible. The landscapes and their yellow-orange hues contrast with the deep blue of Bourget Lake. This is the ideal time for those who want to enjoy the region at a calmer moment, outside of school holidays.

How much is a paragliding tandem flight over Bourget Lake?

The price of a paragliding tandem flight usually varies between 80€ and 150€. These prices depend on the company, the type of gear they have, the duration of the flight, as well as the options chosen, such as photos and videos taken during in flight.

Generally, providers offer lower rates for children.

Here are some examples of prices:

  • Kid’s paragliding tandem flight: 80€
  • Discovery paragliding tandem flight: 90€
  • Thermal paragliding tandem flight: 120€
  • Prestige paragliding tandem flight: 150€
  • Paragliding discovery day: 200€
  • Paragliding beginner course from 560€

At Bauges parapente, we are committed to offering you the best rates in the Aix-les-Bains area!