Bauges Parapente
Ecole Bauges Parapente Savoie
baptême en tandem biplace Annecy
baptême parapente en savoie


Let’s get you in the air and explore the mountains from above !

stage parapente dans les bauges


Customized instruction and coaching available for beginner and intermediate pilots.

Bon cadeau parapente

Birthday, anniversary, wedding, bachelor/bachelorette party: a tandem flight is perfect for any event!

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Welcome to Bauges Parapente, an official French paragliding school located in the Bauges mountains in the Alps !

Ideally positioned between the Annecy Lake, Chambéry/Aix-les-Bains, and Albertville, we are located at the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional du Massif des Bauges, a mountain range part of the Alps recognized by the UNESCO as a Global Geopark.

This wild and authentic area is easily accessible but away from the crowds. It is one of the most beautiful places for paragliding in the Savoie and Haute-Savoie part of the Alps as we fly over preserved landscapes of wooded valleys, alpine pastures and rocky summit ridges.

During a tandem flight or training course, our team of passionate instructors will be happy to share with you their love for paragliding and the Bauges mountain range.

Is it safe to jump off a mountain ?

At our school, there’s no jumping involved, only flying! Unlike skydiving, there’s no need to jump to take off with a paraglider. 

When you arrive at the launch site, your instructor will show you how to put on your harness. Once securely attached to your instructor and the wing, he will position the paraglider above your heads. After just a few steps together, you will feel held up by the wing and gently glide into the air in front of you.

Aix-les-Bains, Lac du Bourget, Chambéry, and the Semnoz near Annecy: exceptional locations for a tandem flight

The wide variety of launch sites around our school allows us to fly at different locations in the heart and on the outskirts of the Bauges mountain range. We particularly like the launch sites of the Semnoz, the Revard, the Sapenay, as well as Montlambert and Chamoux-sur-Gelon in the Combe de Savoie area.

This flexibility allows us to fly almost every day of the spring and summer. It also allows us to choose the launch that has the best flying conditions according to the day’s weather forecast. Regardless of the location we choose for your flight, one thing is for sure; it will be a magnificent view !

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Learn to fly in the Alps with Bauges Parapente

The Bauges mountain range is an ideal location to learn to fly and improve your paragliding skills.

The alpine pastures and grassy meadows of the area make great launch sites for pilots of all levels. Away from the crowds and surrounded by nature, they make you feel like you are on a real adventure!

Top-to-bottom flights, on site thermalling, cross country or ridge soaring; the possibilities are endless depending on the time and place chosen for flying.

The Bauges mountain range: an ideal location for hike & fly

Because only a few launch sites are accessible by road in these preserved mountains, hike and fly (walking up, flying down) is the best way to experience paragliding in the Bauges. It’s our favorite approach to paragliding at Bauges Parapente, and we hope you will like it too.

That’s why we have chosen to use lightweight wings, reversible harnesses and lightweight reserve parachutes for all our training sessions. With less than 8 kg of gear, you will experience the freedom of paragliding with everything you need on your back, without being dependent on a car or a bus to get to launch.

Instruction and coaching at Bauges Parapente.

We offer beginner and intermediate level courses for those who want to learn to fly on their own, both available in 4 or 5-day sessions depending on the dates that suit you best.  We also offer individual coaching that is customized to your planning.

Located in Lescheraines, in the heart of the Bauges, our school is located near several launch sites. Some are accessible by car, some by 4X4, and others on foot.

During your training session, we will move to different locations in order to use the one that is most suitable for the day’s conditions. It will put flexibility and rigorous decision making skills at the heart of your progression as a pilot early on; these tools will be particularly useful if you eventually decide to include hike and fly in your practice. If you and the other participants would like, we could even dedicate a day of your training to a first hike and fly experience.

That's the advantage of our small, flexible and proactive team. We listen to your needs and are able to customize our instruction and coaching to your desires and expectations.

We look forward to showing you another way to explore the Alps in the Bauges mountain range!