Transform your curiosity into passion, gain confidence in your new skills and gradually take more decisions on your own when flying.


An intermediate paragliding training is the next step after an introductory course, but the targeted objectives can be as varied as there are pilots. Do you want to:

  • Become confident at flying at a specific location or explore new sites?
  • Fly safely while taking more in-flight decisions yourself?
  • Develop your analytical skills and flexibility to be able to choose where and when to fly?
  • Progress towards more precise ground handling and paraglider control?
  • Explore thermal flying?
  • Regain confidence after a break from the activity?
  • Test lightweight equipment to assess whether or not you enjoy hike & fly?

We will take the time to assess your needs and objectives and establish a customized progression plan tailored to each participant.


  • Completion of an introductory training with at least one radio-guided flight, either with us or another school
  • Be accustomed to hiking in the mountains (only if you want to take part in a hike & fly)
  • Subscription to an FFVL license (here) if you don’t have one yet, which includes mandatory Civil Liability Aviation insurance (RCA)

How it works

At the beginning of the course, we will take the time to listen to you and analyze each student’s needs and wishes. This will allow us to collectively decide on a course schedule that best meets the group’s common interest, while allowing you to work on any specific goals you may have.

In any case, our first stop will be the training slope. This step is crucial to assess your technical level before moving on to high flights, especially if this is your first experience with us.

Afterward, mornings will be dedicated to high flights, suitable for paraglider control exercises or for starting to explore thermal flying. The afternoons will generally involve reviewing the morning session and discussing it from the perspective of class theory, or perhaps flying or doing ground handling if conditions allow.

We hope to be able to offer you an evening flight or a hike & fly during the course of this training, depending on your goals and weather conditions.

stage parapente savoie


All the necessary equipment for flying is included (wing, harness, reserve parachute, helmet, and radio).

We have chosen brand new lightweight gear to make ground handling and carrying your equipment easier on you. But it’s also to allow you to experience the joys of hike & fly. With less than 8 kgs on your back, we would be able to guide you in your first hike & fly experience if that is what you and the other students in your training would like.

10% discount with your own equipment, certified and controlled (wing and reserve parachute check within the year required), or if you decide to purchase your gear during your training.


560€  for 4 days (2 weekends)

700€  for 5 consecutive days

Maximum of 7 students per session

These rates include:

  • Coaching by 1 or 2 certified instructors during slope training, and 2 during high flights
  • All flying equipment (wings, harness, reserve parachute, helmet, radio)
  • Shuttle or 4X4 transportation

Not included:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • FFVL license, which includes mandatory Civil Liability Aviation insurance; to subscribe to before the course here.

Any questions ?

For any other questions, please read our “Practical Information” section.

Or feel free to contact us by phone or Whatsapp, or via our contact form. We would be happy to talk to you in person.