“À la carte” flights, the perfect solution to progress at your own pace with the schedule that works for you.


Have you already completed at least one paragliding training and want to continue progressing at your own rhythm? Is there a specific skill that you would like to improve on?

As long as there are free seats in our shuttle, you are welcome to join our students whenever you want for:

  • Radio-guided flights with our instructors
  • In-flight paraglider control exercises
  • Ground handling sessions on the training slope
  • Hike & fly experiences (equivalent to 2 flights on your logbook)

We will take the time to discuss before and after each flight in order to make sure that each one allows you to work on the specific goal that you have set for that flight.

This training can be done with your personal equipment or ours, according to your preference.


To be eligible to flexible coaching, you must :

  • Have completed at least an introductory training and made your first radio-guided flight, either with us or another school.
  • If it’s your first time flying with us, we will need to validate your technical level together during a training slope session (equivalent to one flight on your card).
  • Be accustomed to hiking in the mountains if you want to take part in a hike & fly (equivalent to 2 flights on your card).

Get an FFVL license (here) if you don’t already have one, which includes mandatory Civil Liability Aviation insurance (RCA).

How it works

“À la carte” flight cards are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Contact us by phone or Whatsapp to discuss your goals and availability. We will suggest different dates for you to choose from for your first session with us, and again for your next ones until all the flights on your card are completed.

After the flights, you can also participate in the debriefing and class theory session along with the other students if you are interested.

Note: In peak season (July/August), it can be difficult to find available slots to accommodate you. It is a good idea to prioritize the low season to use the flights on your card.

stage parapente savoie


All the necessary equipment for flying is included (wing, harness, reserve parachute, helmet, and radio).

We have chosen brand new lightweight gear to make ground handling and carrying your equipment easier on you. But it’s also to allow you to experience the joys of hike & fly. With less than 8 kgs on your back, we would be able to guide you in your first hike & fly experience if that is what you would like to use some of the flights on your card for.

10% discount with your own equipment, certified and controlled (wing and reserve parachute check within the year required).


500€  10 flights

950€  20 flights

These rates include:

  • Coaching by 1 or 2 certified instructors during slope training, and 2 during high flights
  • All flying equipment (wings, harness, reserve parachute, helmet, radio)
  • Shuttle or 4X4 transportation

Not included:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals

FFVL license, which includes mandatory Civil Liability Aviation insurance; to subscribe to before the first session here.

Any questions ?

For any other questions, please read our “Practical Information” section.

Or feel free to contact us by phone or Whatsapp, or via our contact form. We would be happy to talk to you in person.