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Give your child the chance to experience what it feels like to fly like a bird ! Young ones too can participate in a scenic tandem glide from the Semnoz or another nearby location. For about ten minutes, your child will see the world from a whole new perspective, expanding their horizons and strengthening their self-confidence. They can even take control of the paraglider if they would like! Rest assured, our instructors are trained to take young passengers on tandem flights. They know how to establish a warm connection with them from the start, making this adventure as safe and positive as with adult passengers. You can take part in this experience by witnessing your child’s takeoff or landing, by taking a discovery flight alongside (learn more here), or by choosing the photos/videos option so they can remember and tell you about every moment.

For all children who want to know what it feels like to soar like a bird. As long children express themselves the desire to do so, there is no minimum age to do a tandem flight. That’s why the youngest passengers are usually around 4 years old.

This flight is reserved for children under 12 years old. For anyone older, you can choose the discovery flight (here) which has the same duration, or one of our other tandems for longer airtime.

Kid’s tandems take place in the mornings in order to take advantage of calm air.

The location of the launch site depends on the weather conditions. Whenever it is possible, we use the Semnoz launch. But sometimes, it is necessary to move to a different location (towards Aix-les-Bains, Chambéry, in the heart of the Bauges, or in the Combe de Savoie; see our flying sites here).

This is why even though we can give you a general estimate of where we will be flying on the day of your flight a few days in advance, the launch site can only be confirmed the night before. Please remain flexible so that you can join us at the right location on the day of your flight.

We recommend dressing your child for their tandem flight as you would do so if you were to go on a hike : sturdy shoes, fleece/windbreaker and sunglasses. Depending on the season, it may be a good idea to bring a warmer jacket and some gloves.

We will be in the air for approximately 10 to 15 minutes for this flight. Our instructors will bring your child back to the meeting point in our shuttle. You should plan for about 1 hour from the beginning to the end of the activity.

Would your child like to steer the paraglider? Does he/she want a flight with a little more thrills? No problem, it's all included!

If they are up for it and flying conditions allow, we will let them take over the controls and make their first turns in the sky. The instructor may also perform some aerobatics if it’s the child’s desire. In any case, the instructor will go easy on intensity and adapt the flight to their comfort level.

Share this unique experience with the rest of the family!

During your child’s tandem, we will take photos and videos in the air. After the flight, you can choose to take these images home by selecting the photos/videos option.

You can refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on our paragliding tandem flights. If you still have questions or are uncertain about which tandem suits you best, please give us a call ! We will be happy to advise you over the phone or through Whatsapp: +33 (0)7 48 90 40 50.

child tandem flight french alps



10-15 min



A gentle morning glide

child paragliding tandem french alps

KID’S FLIGHT (< 12 years old)


10-15 min



Even the young ones will leave with stars in their eyes !

paragliding child tandem french alps



20-25 min



For those who want to go higher

paragliding child tandem flight french alps



35-40 min



 Enjoy this magical moment for even longer

paragliding child tandem flight annecy






For adventurers who want to experience a long distance flight

paragliding child tandem flight aix les Bains Savoie






For the athletic ones looking for a sensation of pure freedom !